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2020 Year in Review!

2020... WOW what a year! This year probably wasn't at the top of anyone's lists of greatest years ever. However, it is important to still count your blessings and review all the great things that came from this year! Let's review the Ninja Kidz program and how it evolved.

The Ninja Kidz program wasn't always an incredible provider of at home ninja classes. You may be able to learn awesome skills and exercise from the comfort of your house now, but at the beginning of the year the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program wasn't even a thing. We started off the year offering in-person classes only at gymnastics and tumbling facilities all over the country! With facilities offering Ninja Kidz classes coast-to-coast, you could find a class almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada!

Then in March the pandemic hit, and the lockdowns began. With no facilities allowed to open and no place for all the ninjas out there to get exercise we had to do something. Luckily through swift action with our partners , My Web Solution, and of course the Ninja Kidz TV we were able to put together the first version of the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program! The development team added new features to to allow for video communication through the skill charts. We started creating pre-recorded videos every week and hosting 1 live class with the Ninja Kidz TV every month!

While students were using the recorded classes to help learn new skills, the ninja students were also able to get direct feedback by submitting a video doing the skill and waiting for a coach to provide direct feedback on that skill! This revolutionized and quickly became one of the BEST ways to teach and learn from home.

The classes were a huge hit and we were able to provide a way for kids everywhere to get the daily exercise they need! With 3 recorded classes coming out every week, ninjas all over the world were able to learn from the Ninja Kidz and Coach Garrett. In the software, everyone could also view hundreds of Ninja Skills being taught by Shane, Bryton, Payton, Ashton, and Paxton!

After 14 recorded classes per level coming out every week it was official... 1 live class just wasn't enough. In order to allow more students to get more live feedback, Coach Garrett started coaching 3 live classes EVERY WEEK to go along with the Live class with the Ninja Kidz every month. Over the summer THOUSANDS of ninja students enjoyed the live classes!

Once school was starting back up across the nation and the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program continued to grow, we added more and more classes! Now you can get up to 10 Live classes every week!

As the Live classes grew and all the ninjas also use to track their skills with Master Ninja Coach Garrett, we started making some HUGE changes to the way we use the program. We came out with an App version, and added some AWESOME new features!

First we added journeys through the skill chart to learn each skill, watch the tutorial, record yourself practicing, comment your thoughts, and get feedback from the coach! We added fun and awesome badges to earn as you complete the skill charts. You can advance levels once you complete each one with a progress tracker! Then we added a Social Feed feature! This allows you to not only track your progress, but SHARE your progress with others! You can like other people's skills, leave a positive comment, and even give them a fair rating of 1-3 stars! This is a safe platform where you have full control of your posts and full parental monitoring.

As the Ninja Kidz Home Learning program evolved this year, it has developed into an amazing program with full capability to practice on your own time with your skill chart tutorials, join live classes to learn from the Ninja Kidz TV and Coach Garrett, and share your progress with an amazing community. The program wasn't always a complete package like it is now, and took a lot of hard work in order to evolve it into what it is today. Now this program is helping ninjas all over the world stay fit, stay healthy, and build confidence.

Of course we still offer in-person classes at facilities all over the United States and in some parts of Canada. However, gymnastics, cheerleading, and martial arts facilities are struggling right now. If you see a Ninja Kidz Club location near you, make sure to check it out! Help support your local facilities, as well as, take advantage of our home learning program.

This year was WILD! However, together we can work towards our goals and a better future. It starts with individual reliance, discipline, hard work ethic, and positive energy.

See you all at the classes! Make sure to sign-up if you haven't already HERE.

Thanks for being AWESOME!


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