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How To Join Live Classes!

Joining Live Classes are now as easy as clicking a button and entering a password... LITERALLY! However, FIRST you need to make sure you are set up properly!

Check out the steps below to see what you need to do.

How to on a Computer! (Recommended)

Step 1: Make sure you are signed up as an AWESOME member for the classes!

Step 2: Check your email for the Secret Ninja Code given when you sign up!

Step 3: Go to our website and click "Login" and choose "Live Classes"!

Step 4: Choose the class you plan on joining and enter the Secret Code!

How to on the App!

Step 1: Download the Ninja Kidz App! You can find it on the App Store!

Step 2: Click "Live Classes" at the bottom!

Step 3: Click on the class you want to join and enter the Secret Ninja Code!

Step 4: Join the class and HAVE FUN!

Once you are all set up get ready to have a super fun time with the Ninja Kidz!!!

Not signed up, yet? Sign up HERE.


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