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How To Upload And Share Your Skills!

Hello fellow Ninjas! If you aren't already having an AWESOME time learning Ninja moves and updating you skill chart, check out this step-by-step guide on how to do so!

Step 1: Download the App from your App store or Google Play Store!

Step 2: Sign-up and create an account!

After you download the app and get on for the first time you will be taken to the login page. Use the "Sign up HERE" underneath "Forgot Password" OR use the "Memberships" icon in the bottom righthand corner.

Step 3: Add a profile picture and a quick "About Me"!

First use the Menu icon. Then go to Family Profile. Click on the Profile Picture to upload a cool picture of yourself and add a quick description of yourself!

Step 4: Start working on completing your skill chart and learning new skills!

Pick a skill and hit "Go". Watch the Tutorial to learn from the Ninja Kidz and the coaches. Then take a video of yourself doing the skill and upload it to the skill chart!

Step 5: Wait for feedback from your coach, and look at other ninja's posts!

Leave a like, rating, and comment to let them know how AWESOME they are! Stay positive and encourage everyone to keep working hard! Together our Ninja community can help make each feel and do better!

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