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The Next Class With The Ninja Kidz TV!

The next Ninja Kidz Class led by the the Ninja Kidz themselves is coming up on September 25th at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time!!!

We always have a super fun time teaching you guys these awesome skills and hanging out for a bit afterwards! These Zoom classes are designed to give you a safe at home workout where you can learn TONS of cool skills. You get LIVE demonstrations from the Ninja Kidz, Live feedback and corrections, and a SUPER AWESOME workout.

Doing these classes will help you get more flexible, build muscle, get stronger, and build self-confidence!

On top of the Zoom classes with the Ninja Kidz TV, you also get up to 10 LIVE CLASSES per week with Super Ninja Coaches. Be sure to sign up soon to take advantage of all of the classes!

Sign up HERE if you haven't already.


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