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Ninja Kidz Newsletter (July!)

July is here! There are so many exciting things to look forward to in July! We have the holidays with Independence day, the summer season in full swing, and Ninja Kidz classes! We have some awesome updates we want to inform you of for this month! We have our Ninja's of the Week, our latest Ninja Kidz TV episodes, the latest Ninja Kidz Home Learning challenge, an update to our level names, and introducing digital achievement bands!!! Let's not forget one of the coolest releases in the Ninja Kidz Universe! Ninja Kidz Toys! Read through the Newsletter to see all of these awesome news!

This Months Ninja's of the Week:

This month we had quite the talented Ninja's get featured as Ninja's of the Week! Each of them demonstrated something that makes the Ninja Kidz classes extra special. Consistency, Flexibility, Discipline, and Creativity!

Ninja Rayna! Ninja Rayna has been doing consistently well in every skill submission she enters! Consistency is the key to progress!

Ninja Joey! Ninja Joey demonstrates amazing flexibility and coordination with the height of his Jump Front Kick! Flexibility is a huge part in being able to perform a lot of the skills in the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program.

Ninja Rowan! Ninja Rowan is able to display excellent discipline during his Front Stance and Reverse Punch. Keeping his feet firmly planted on the floor and punching directly in across his body to show a straight, horizontal line from his shoulder to his fist. Discipline is HUGE in becoming a successful Ninja!

Ninja Samuel! Ninja Samuel has been very creative with his submissions! He is constantly adding his own personal touch to any video or picture submission and it is AWESOME! Creativity is a very important part of growth and learning. We should always encourage forms of creativity that helps inspire others!

Ninja Kidz TV Videos!

Being Awesome! Ninja Kidz Music Video (Lyrics)

Water Balloon Challenge!! Bunch O Balloons

Underground Exploding Car Race VS Hacker!

Sonic The Hedgehog Ninja Kidz Part 4!

Ninja Kidz Home Learning Challenge!

Create your own Combo!

This month we challenge you to use any combination of skills on the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Programs skill chart to make your very own combo! Give the combo a cool name to make it extra fun! The submit your Challenge video to the skill chart on "July Challenge" on the bottom of your skill chart for a potential shoutout on our Instagram!

Ninja Kidz Levels Update!

We recently mad some awesome changes to each level! Instead of having each level correlated to a single wristband color, we now have 3 levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced! Each Level has 3 Digital Achievement Bands that a student can earn by completing a certain amount of the skill chart!

Beginner has the following 3 bands of achievement:

Ninja Novice Achievement = White Band

Ninja Apprentice Achievement = Orange band

Awesome Ninja Achievement = Yellow Band

Intermediate has the following 3 bands of achievement:

Super Ninja Achievement = Green Band

Elite Ninja Achievement = Purple Band

Extreme Ninja Achievement = Blue Band

Advanced has the following 3 bands of achievement:

Epic Ninja Achievement = Brown Band

Ninja Master Achievement = Red Band

Ultimate Ninja Achievement = Black Band

Ninja Kidz Action Figures?????

Wow! Did you know you could be one of the first people to get a Ninja Kidz action figure? They will be coming out soon so stay tuned!


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