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Ninja Kidz App For Home Learning!!! & More!

Wow! We have some exciting Ninja News this week! There is a lot to look forward to!

Last week we came out with something HUGE! The Ninja Kidz App was released on iOS and Android for you!

The Ninja Kidz App is Amazing and here is why...

On the app you can...

- Track your skill progress and upload videos!

- Attend the classes!

- Keep an eye on the Ninja News!

- Play cool Ninja Kidz Games!

- Safely Shop for Merchandise!

- And easily find the newest Ninja Kidz TV Videos on Youtube!

Basically, everything you could possibly want in an app! SO COOL!

The Ninja Kidz App is completely FREE to download. However, if you want to join the classes and track awesome ninja skills, you do need to be an Awesome or Extreme member of the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program. And if you become a member before September 25th you can join the class with Payton, Paxton, Ashton and Bryton! The REAL Ninja Kidz from Ninja Kidz TV!

Learn all about this program by going to our ENROLLMENT PAGE. We can't wait to see you at this BIG event! You can join from anywhere in the WORLD!


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