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Ninja Kidz Newsletter

Thank you for checking out our first Ninja Kidz Home Learning Newsletter! All the latest news regarding our Ninja's and the Ninja Kidz TV can be found here. Check out all of the amazing Ninja's, the latest Ninja Kidz TV episodes, updates to our Home Learning program, and exciting challenges for all of the Ninja's out there!

Ninja's of the Week Shout outs:

Ninja Crosley! Our first Ninja of the Week and still going strong! Ninja Crosley has been killing the Home Learning Program and is always having a good time! 

Ninja Shay! Ninja Shay is a bundle of energy ready for anything! She has been doing amazing with her Ninja Skills! 

Ninja Zander! What an amazing Ninja! Ninja Zander has made huge strides and it is obvious that he is getting stronger and improving everyday! 

Ninja Ashley! Ninja Ashley has been absolutely incredible! She has been doing some amazing kicks and tricks with the Home Learning program! 

Ninja Cole! Ninja Cole has a wonderful flow with his combos! Finding a good flow can be difficult, but Ninja Cole is becoming one of the best at using his momentum in his movements. 

Ninja Ariana! Wow! Ninja Ariana has been an inspiration! Adding her own flare to the skills in the program makes her style really unique! She's been doing an incredible job! 

Ninja Kidz TV videos!

Sonic the Hedgehog 3! Ninja Kidz 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2! Ninja Kidz 

Secret Undercover Spy Mission! Ninja Kidz Bakugan Battle League! 

Goo Hit Zu Movie Remastered! Ninja Kidz TV 

Ninja Kidz Home Learning Challenge of the Month!

Teach a family member a Ninja Skill! 

This month the super awesome challenge for all of our Ninja Kidz Home Learning members is to take what you've learned and share the knowledge! Record yourself teaching anyone in your family how to do any of the skills in your level or the prior level. Have some fun with it! Then submit your Challenge video to the skill chart on "Challenge 06/01/2020) at the bottom of your skill chart for a potential shoutout on our Instagram!

My Skill Chart News and Updates:

Introducing Anchor Ratings!

Now students are guided through a journey every-time they want to try a skill. They must begin the process by pressing “Go" button for the first time, or by clicking the “Re-Try” button the next time. See the file below for a detailed explanation of the journey!

MySkillChart Newsletter for Parents
Download PDF • 425KB

Sweepstakes update!

As we approach closer to the end of our lockdown and quarantine, we are happy to say that we are getting closer to a time that we can safely have someone travel to be on a Ninja Kidz TV episode! Our date to announce a winner is still TBA, as we are still waiting for it to be 100% safe for the lucky winner to visit the Ninja Kidz TV. Remember, safety is the #1 priority right now. We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their spirits up! 

LIVE Ninja Kidz Class! 

Our first 2 Ninja Kidz Live classes have been a blast! We are super excited for the next class. The next Live Zoom Class with the Ninja Kidz TV will be announced once we lock in a date and time. In addition, we hope to start doing the weekly lessons Live via Zoom with Coach Garrett soon! Stay Tuned!

Last Months Weekly Virtual Classes can still be found on the Skill Chart under the category "Classes"! If you missed one, you can still go back and do the workout!

Lessons 006

Lessons 007

Lessons 008

Lessons 009


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