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New Social Sharing Feature For Ninja Kidz App!!!

The Ninja Kidz App is going to be getting a new AWESOME feature soon!!!

Have you ever wanted to show off your skills to all the other ninjas in training? Now you can with the new Social Sharing feature! Now when you upload your skill, you not only get feedback from a coach, but you can also like, comment, and even rate other ninja's skill submissions! Everyone is incredibly positive and encouraging! You can even find Bryton, Payton, Paxton, and Ashton to see their skill submissions! They might even like your skill!

How can you share your Ninja Skills???

FIRST, you need to download the app in the app store! *If you already have the app, you might need to re-download in order to get the updates.

SECOND, you go to "Track Skills" on the app. (Top Left corner)

THIRD, if you are already a Ninja Kidz Home Learning member, then simply log in! If not a member, be sure to register for either a membership or a FREE Social Sharing account.

FOURTH, check out some of the skills on your skill chart and record yourself doing the skills!

FIFTH, upload your videos, like and comment on others!

LAST STEP, Spread positivity to your fellow ninjas and HAVE FUN!

The Ninjas in the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program have been working super hard to sharpen their skills. Now you and all the other Ninjas can show off your skills! Everyone deserves to show off AWESOME ninja skills. You can now get the skill charts, show off your skills, and get some of the pre-recorded classes! All of these updates will hopefully take place by the end of the year. The best part is the Social Sharing and the App will be completely FREE!!!

(The LIVE classes and the Coaches Feedback will be for Members only)

The LIVE Ninja Classes are with our professional Master Ninja Coach Garrett and with the Ninja Kidz from Ninja Kidz TV! We have up to 10 Live virtual classes every week with Master Ninja Coach Garrett and Members can join any or all classes throughout the week! We also have at least 1 class every month that is led by Shane Myler (Ninja Daddy), Bryton, Paxton, Payton, and Ashton! Members get to learn from the Ninja Kidz Live and get a chance to ask questions or just talk to the Ninja Kidz!

The Ninja Kidz Home Learning classes are composed of a fun warm-up, flexibility training, strength training, tumbling skills, and martial arts skills. This is done throughout a 30 minute long class. The Monthly classes with the Ninja Kidz are anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

Make sure to check out the program and get ready for an awesome time using the Ninja Kidz App!!!


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