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Last Ninja Kidz Zoom Hangout of the Year!!!

OH MY!!! The Ninja Kidz TV are hosting their last Zoom Hangout of the year!

What is a Zoom Hangout with the Ninja Kidz TV you ask???

The Ninja Kidz TV have been doing exclusive Zoom Hangouts with all of the Extreme Members. In these hangouts the Extreme Members get to enter an exclusive chatroom with the Ninja Kidz TV in order to hangout with them virtually! Each member gets a chance to ask a few questions and get 1-on-1 time with the Ninja Kidz! You can ask them about their favorite food, color, or activity! You can also tell them about yourself, what is your favorite food, color, or activity?

The Ninja Kidz have loved being able to talk to the fans and get to know each of you! It is a great way to support the channel and get to know each other! Bryton, Paxton, Ashton, and Peyton all want to see YOU!

We still plan on doing Zoom Hangouts in the future, however this will be the last one for the year. There is still good news though! We are still holding the Monthly LIVE CLASSES that the Ninja Kidz host! These ninja classes consist of flexibility, strength, tumbling, and martial arts training. All virtually and from the safety of your own home! On top of that, our AWESOME members will get unlimited weekly classes with a professional Ninja Kidz coach.


Bro Vs Bro, Bryton VS Ashton Beyblade Battle. Who will win in the beyblade showdown? Who is the mysterious Guru?

Training is a very important part of the Ninja Kidz routine. Always make sure to set aside a portion of your day to do some sort of exercise and training.

DON'T FORGET! The Ninja Kidz TV is hosting a LIVE ZOOM class on October 23rd at 4:30pm EST. Check what time that is for you depending on the timezone you are in and make sure to mark it down on your calendar! See you guys soon!


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