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Cyber Monday Sale Is Now!!!!

Attention Ninjas!

Have you been saving those pennies to be able to become a Ninja Kid with the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program???

Well now, for a limited time, you can get your first month FREE if you sign up while this deal is going on. Becoming a Ninja Kidz Home Learning member is an Awesome opportunity to learn martial arts, tumbling, and other ninja skills from the safety of your own home. NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY.

You can attend Live Ninja Classes, access hundreds of tutorials, share your progress, get virtual feedback from coaches, and even meet the Ninja Kidz from Ninja Kidz TV in a LIVE Class at least once a month!

Now when you sign up you can get instant access to the tutorials on the Ninja Kidz skill chart and immediately start working on your skills and fill up your skill chart! Use the SUPER SECRET Ninja code to give to the Ninja Watchmen that guards access to the Live Classes. Then join up to 10 available classes each week led by Master Ninja Coach Garrett. Be prepared to work hard and achieve new levels of AWESOMENESS!

We have never had a deal like this before, where you can get an ENTIRE MONTH FREE, if you sign up before this incredible deal is over.

In the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program, the classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, strong work ethic, individual reliance, and self-confidence! All while working on fun and exciting skills like the Tornado Kick or the Can-Opener! Working on skills like these (as well as many others in the program) is very important for physical and mental development.

With the discipline and skills developed from the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program, all ninjas are sure to succeed!

Click HERE to Sign up before the deal is over!


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