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Costume Party for the Ninja Kidz Class this month!

The Ninja Kidz TV are hosting the next class on October 23rd at 4:30pm EST! This month you can also dress up in a costume to show off what you are going to be for Halloween! ***Costumes are optional of course!

The Ninja Kidz Home Learning program has been a great program for ninjas all around the world to learn how to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and skills like Martial Arts and Tumbling! This helps students of all skill levels develop self confidence, patience, and learn the importance of perseverance!

Imposters in the Ninja Kidz place!!!

Check out the latest Ninja Kidz video with evil clones!!! How did they get there? What is their goal? Find out by watching below!!!

Did you see the Ninja Kidz Toys are out on Amazon, Target, and Walmart? You can get your toys by using one of the links below!


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