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1 Month Free Trial and MORE!

Attention Ninjas!

Have you been keeping up with the latest Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program updates???

Recently, we just added a social sharing feature in the program! You can now share your skills with all of the other Ninjas in the program! See who all likes, rates, and comments on your post! Share the love by liking, rating, and commenting on other people's posts! Check out what the coaches are saying and stay up to date with any of the latest posts!

Show off your moves with all the other ninjas!!!

Now as a Cyber Monday Sale you can try out the classes in the Ninja Kidz Home Learning Program for a whole month for FREE! That's right! An entire month FREE trial! This is an AWESOME deal that we have not offered before! Be sure to check it out! Click HERE to take advantage of this offer!

Work on your strength, flexibility, tumbling and martial arts skills! All with the help of a professional ninja instructor and the Ninja Kidz!

See you guys real soon!


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