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1. Kid Friendly

Ninja Kidz Club program is housed on MySkillChart software app and web browser. This platform, developed by Stars and Stripes Mgmt, is made specifically for kids. Originally designed for instructors to track students progress in child activity centers, MySkillChart no acts as a platform for skill learning and sharing. From the user interface, design, and experience, the platforms assures easy to use functionality for users under the age of 12+.


2. Kid-Safe

MySkillChart software user role structure places the parent first. An account cannot be created in the MySkillChart software without the role of a parent. After the parent account is created, student roles, under the parent role, are created. After, the parent has full control of all student activity within the system. Parent has the ability to give their child individual access, or remain under the parent login to access the student account.

The Parent Role has the following functionality:

1. Ability to interact as Student role
2. Ability to edit or delete any content created from Student (posts, comments, messages)
3. Ability to give or take away individual access to Student
4. Ability to disable account being public for social sharing
5. Ability to disable direct messaging to other users
6. Ability to flag inappropriate content

We at MySkillChart have around the clock auditing and access to all content placed on our social platform (posts, comments, and messages). We instantly remove any inappropriate content from our system once discovered, and remove any user from the system that violates our policies.

Why Ninja Kidz Club program is Kid-Friendly, Kid-Safe, and Kid-Beneficial!


3. Kid Beneficial

Social media and social sharing platforms have dominated the internet space. While there are many benefits to this evolution in technology, there are also many disadvantages. Children are now overly exposed to all sorts of unfiltered and unrestrained content and information, this had led to the warping of adolescent minds from the over exposure of vulgarity, sex, narcism, and violence.

With MySkillChart we decided to use the power of social media for progress and goodness. MySkillChart is specifically designed to provide eduction and fitness through educators and influencers. This is accomplished through skill charts, skill tracking, and social sharing. In our system students can view progressional skill charts, track skill programs, and share their individual progress with peers learning the same material, in a social media platform, comparable to the Instagram platform.

View MySkillCharts full Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

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